Savings on Previously Leased and Rented Works of Art

Art Mode - About Us

The first door opening was on Sussex Drive (Canada’s street) in spring of 1988.  It wasn’t long after that Art Mode would become a force in the design and display of visual arts and sculpture within its retail reach.  The retail side had lots of color and color was promoted as energy as we entered the 90’s. 

The brand took on extra weight in the corporate community especially upon release of the innovative art leasing formulas presented to the corporate and government world. Art Mode created a monthly fee for art rental all while creating a 100% tax deductible operating expense in the business community.

In 1999, Art Mode lands in Calgary on the very popular corner of 17th Avenue SW and 4th Street SW.  Within a couple of years opens up on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton.  Alberta was very good to us and kept us working day and night.

We have come full circle with innovative and creative programs that promote good Canadian Artwork and talent since 1988. 

The recent “Pandemic Pause” brought an ARTMODE wave of energy Into the Mill at Wakefield.  Over the next few months we will share with you exactly what that will mean to both our businesses.

For the moment, in addition to the great culinary experience, the Mill’s Spa, Gastronomic and Romantic Getaways, you will now be surrounded by dozens of great works of art by Art Mode available for purchase.  During your stay, you will be adorned by an Art Mode experience which has brought beauty and energy to Canadian homes and offices since 1988.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

Denis P. Smith
Art Mode