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A story from the artist...

"Until I was 13 I lived on a beef farm surrounded by 200 acres of land which I had full freedom to travel on.   Horses and my dog were my constant companions.   We kept mostly Herford cattle but decided to introduce Limousine to give our cattle height and width across the hind end.

I remember when our first limousine bull arrived and how excited my family was to start this new phase of our farm.  It is the feeling everyone has when their business jumps forward and grows.  Some would think it silly to be so excited about a bull but it was a stepping stone for us and a sign that all the work we had put into this business was paying off and we were growing.

Driving around looking for inspiration for a painting one day I came across a limousine bull standing so solid and square.  He knew he dominated everything he could see.  The confidence of this bull could be felt, he was someone’s prize and I remembered how our bull stood solid and square and how my parents stood solid and square with pride as our first limousine stepped into our barnyard."

More from the artist...

"Wildlife painting was my focus for several years until the urge to create portraits and figure paintings in oil took hold of my soul. My first mentor had passed away and I soon fell under the guidance of Kavin Chan who introduced me to Soviet Impressionism as well as Russian painters such as Ilya Repin who has quickly became my favourite painter to date.

Painting from life has become vital to me and I take part in the training activity as much as possible for there is no better tool to train your eye than to study the model in natural light before a camera has distorted both the colour and the dimensions. In order to work with photos, I believe an artist should first school themselves in working from life so they are more able to recognize the camera's shortcomings.

Currently my interest is in the diminishing rural environment in which I live. I’ve been creating this work in a style that suggests the disappearance of open space and the rural lifestyle by using running paint and partial images. I will continue to create and learn all of my life. Art is one of those few subjects in life were the more you learn the more you realize you need to learn.''

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