Collection: Gaetan Gauthier

Born in St-Eustache, Quebec in 1936, Gaetan Gauthier has built a career expressing his passion for the flora and fauna of his home province.

He paints spontaneously allowing us to be drawn in by the audacity of the forms and colours that he uses. As is characteristic of much of the art of the region, Gauthier’s work projects a ‘joie-de-vivre’ and a great appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us everyday.

He paints with a pallet knife. His heavy strokes of paint on the canvas, leaves lots of texture that create the movement that captures the viewers' attention in each painting.

His knowledge and years of hard work have enabled him to discover his personal artistic style; one that often betrays his emotions, giving us a glimpse into the soul of the artist.

Gaetan's paintings hang in homes across the country and in the corporations Art Mode serves, since 1988.

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