SCHUTTEN, Kay        The three stooges      36x8"

SCHUTTEN, Kay The three stooges 36x8"

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The three stooges

Karyn Schutten studied for five years at Sheridan Institute of Advanced Learning, Karyn obtained a Bachelors degree in Illustration, graduating with honours. Immediately following her formal studies, Karyn traveled through Italy to study the masters and take in the culture of one of the world's most art centered countries. Karyn is a published author and illustrator. Her passion lies on the canvas of her paintings. “There I am able to tell a story in a much more abstract manner. I allow myself to transcend into the fields of my canvas as I encounter the dimensions of the worlds I create. The sublime quality of my work reflects nature in its most vulnerable state whether it is exposed to the vast skies or depicted through the bare trees. There is a surreal, almost fantasy-like existence."

Her colourful palette and tangible texture engages with the viewer and makes Karyn’s work so inviting. Her work reflects her bright and playful personality.

She is represented by Art Mode in Canada. Her works have been collected wordwide.