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"The art of Marjolijn Thie mirrors the movement of her life, reflecting the different phases of her travels and of her inner growth.
From a childhood in the Netherlands to the wilds of Canada’s North, to the pastoral farms of île d’Orleans, the alpine vineyards of Switzerland and finally to the Gatineau Hills, Marjolijn has been painting the world as she sees it, both outwardly and inwardly, with remarkable depth. Marjolijn’s work is cyclical, developing in an oscillating rhythm of freedom and restriction. Out of what she loves certain shapes recur, returning at a greater depth with each move, bearing her both further out and further in on her journey of exploration. In the fullness of time landscape and the woman emerge…." 
by Katherine Joyce, writer/artist from Chelsea, Qc.
After teacher's College in Amsterdam, I studied Fine Arts at the Universities of Winnipeg (Manitoba) and Ottawa 
Exhibition history: Winnipeg, Ottawa, Pakenham, Almonte, Quebec City, Switzerland and France, Toronto and Wakefield/Chelsea.
From 2007-2018 I participated in the Chelsea/Wakefield Studio Tour which was very successful for me.
My paintings are owned by people from over the world. They all love my happy, colourful work and I still love making them.
Marjolijn Thie ( ter Beek)
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