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World Renowned artist.

Born in 1962, in Boston, MA, USA where he studied Marketing. 

He then moved to Peru and studies in Lima Peru – Art Workshop with Enrique Polanco. 

His art integrates Jazz, Movies, Art of Primitive culture.

 In his first works, JAIKE revealed an influence of the read, African masks through the eye of Picasso, its European discoverer, and translated to its own language since the language torn of Tola, on the fund of the Jazz / Funk and the omnipresent figure in his pictures of the trumpeter Thousands Davis.

In the year 1991, in the gallery BORKAS, presented his first exposition: “Black Spirit”. His second exposition in 1993, “Kabuki”, is an investigation on the esthetics of the Japanese theater; a strange fusion with the chromatic work of Frank xxxxxx, the iconography Chavín and the jazz of the 50´s (Chat Mingus, John Coltrane). These works were exhibited by the Peruvian embassies in galleries of Washington and Toronto. ”Pop Right Jazz” combined, absolute liberty and fantasy, codes, symbols and images inspired in the American pop art (Andy Warholl, Roy Liechtenstein and Keith Harris) affirming the bases of this third phase in the force and magic of the culture Mochica. From that moment is defined with greater clarity the personal sound of JAIKE, its own pictorial language.

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