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Announcement - April 15, 2014It is with great sadness we announce the death of our friend and artist Len Totoro, aka LT Cherokee. Leonard Totoro (1956 – 2014) Rest in Peace dear friend. I will never know anyone more special than you. You have made a difference in my life and in all that have met you. Your uniqueness, individuality and gentle personality have contributed to so many. Your artwork will live on.

Education: Apprenticed to Antonio Lofaro 1977-1980. Apprenticeship emphasized classical, figurative and anatomical forms. Studied under Miro Zupancic 1981-1984. Private study with the Slovene artist emphasized development of abstract forms.

Artist History: Len Totoro has been expressing his vision of form for more than 20 years. His works in bronze, stone and wood are represented at galleries internationally and are widely held in private collections.

Totoro is most renowned for his ability to breathe a gamut of emotions into the medium and for the subsequent impact on the living environment, bringing fluidity and substance together into graceful, lyrical forms. Many pieces can be scaled to site-specific requirements, integrating well into a variety of spaces. He prefers close collaboration with architects and designers to achieve optimal impact.

Sculptor Totoro has been working in stone, metal, wood and multi-media for most of his life. Progressing from wood objects found on his travels throughout the country to bronze castings by commission, his work today can be found in private collections throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Europe. Private apprenticeship and study have enabled him to expand his vision and scope to encompass both contemporary sculpture as well as outdoor collection pieces. His editions are kept low to preserve both the integrity and quality of each work.

Exploration & Undercurrents: Len Totoro has given substance to his vision through a variety of mediums. His work epitomizes the progression of life cycles through the unleashing of energy and the capture of form. His abstract works contain a sense of duality and depth that mirrors the perceptions of human nature we all possess. Ideas and intellect combine in Cherokee’s work to produce sculpture that explores the inarticulate and gives it a responsive reality. These works represent the culmination of thoughts and emotions, which haunt the inner psyche seeking release from the traditional.

Len Totoro finds his inspiration in the beautiful Gatineau Hills, Canadian countryside with working Studios in Chelsea, Quebec.

He is represented by the Art Mode Group, Chelsea, Quebec.

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'Gaia Pregnant Figure' by Totoro Len
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