Scott Addis

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Scott Addis was born in a small rural community in 1963. He now lives in the province of Quebec, where he has been painting landscapes “en plein air”. Scott has said that his move to Canada has allowed him to tour the country and gain tremendous insight and inspiration from our rugged tundra and its many splendorous seasons.

“It seems to me that everything I do ends up, somehow or another, on canvas. Excitement in my life yields intense, brilliant colours, and sadness translates into muted, more subdued tones. The complexities of life lead to more complex compositions…while I paint with feeling and emotion, I know that good paintings must stand the test of time. Throwing paint onto a canvas is as empty and uninspiring as technical mastery without heart.”

He currently paints out of his own studio in Montreal. His works have made their way into many private and corporate collections, including the Government of Canada and various public museum collections in the United States.

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MediumsOil on Board and Oil on Canvas

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'Lost and Unknown' by Scott Addis
24x48" Oil on Board
Wall Art, Paintings
'Hillside Retreat' by Scott Addis
24x48" Oil on Canvas
Wall Art, Paintings
'Design and Colour' by Scott Addis
12x24" Oil on Canvas
Wall Art, Paintings