Morin Marcel

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Originally from the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada

Photographer, globe-trotter and contributor to the Journal de rue de Sherbrooke

There are many schools of thought on photography. In my opinion, none is absolutely right or wrong. There are purists who present their photographs exactly as they were taken, however, for me I make use of all the tools available to make this slice of the story as vibrant as possible. I aim to bring out the deepest emotions and feelings, and redirect the thoughts of the viewer in a direction often unsuspected.

For fifteen years, I have had the chance to travel around the world; From East Europe to South Africa, Southeast Asia, India and China where I have lived for more than ten years. This is where I discovered street photography, one of the most demanding and striking types of photography, but also the most rewarding. Contact with street people is unique, trying to understand their life stories, their tragedies, their sorrows and despair and being compassionate.

Life is beautiful, share it with people on the street

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MediumsTonner and Tonner on Photopaper

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'Bridging the Gap' by Morin Marcel
Wall Art, Photography
'Tightrope' by Morin Marcel
24x36" Tonner on Photopaper
Wall Art, Photography
'Infinity' by Morin Marcel
Tonner on Photopaper
Wall Art, Photography